Segway Adventures

Want to try a Segway before making your purchase? Our sister company River Valley Adventure Co. offers guided Segway Adventures in Edmonton and Calgary!


The Beginner Segway® PT Adventure starts with in-depth training, from one of our certified Segway® PT trainers. They will go over the skills and drills for everything you will need to know before heading out on your adventure. The Training session usually takes about thirty minutes however some people catch on faster. After the training get ready for the experience of a lifetime, for the remainder of your time you will be taken on a ride through your chosen City's river valley. You’ll have the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river valley like you never have before. Any sixty minute adventure may be upgraded to ninety minutes by adding an extra half hour of Segway® PT riding for only $25, just tell your tour guide you are having fun. When you are have completed your Beginner Segway® PT Adventure you will be given a River Valley Adventure Co. Segway® PT Operator's License which will allow you to skip the training session when you return for your Advanced Segway® PT Tour in either Edmonton or Calgary.

60 MIN: $59.99

90MIN: $84.99


Segway Adventure Ride Certificates

Give the gift of adventure! Segway ride certificates give you the opportunity to gift a one of a kind experience to a friend! Choose from a 60min or 90min Adventure, and we will mail the ride certificates straight to yours or the recipients door!