Segway® PT Reduces Costs

If time is money then your employees' productivity needs to be cost effective; especially if a lot of their time is spent walking.

When the average person walks around 7km/hr through a massive warehouse it can get quite expensive. 

So how do you increase staff productivity without overworking your employees?

Segway® Personal Transporters

A person on a Segway® PT can move up to 20km/hr which is almost 3 times as fast as the average person walks.

Labour is one of the biggest costs in business. It makes financial sense to always be on the lookout for new ways to improve employee efficiency.

Contact our Labour Efficiency Experts for a Free On-Site Consultation to see how much money Segway® PTs can save you.






Think you can’t afford a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT)? Think again. If you have a supervisor or manager who spends more than an hour a day walking, you can’t afford not to have one. Check out our Case Study to see how a Segway® PT i2 SE can help your business improve efficiency.

*on approved credit based on 60 month lease





You’re not afraid to get your hands, or your tires, dirty but you still want to be more efficient. The Segway® PT x2 SE is perfect for construction sites, farms, vineyards or any outdoor area. Its rugged tires are designed to take on diverse and challenging terrain.


*on approved credit based on 60 month lease


Segway® PT i2 SE

Weight - 105 lbs (48 kg)

Max Speed - 12.5 mph (20 km/h)

Range* - 24 miles (38 km)

Wide Platform - The wide base platform is optimized for rider comfort

LeanSteer™ - Quick removal allows for easy storage and transport in almost any vehicle

Gliding Lights - Ensure your PT can be readily seen in low light conditions


*Actual range depends on riding style and terrain


Segway® PT x2 SE

Weight - 120 lbs (55 kg)

Max Speed - 12.5 mph (20 km/h)

Range* - 12 miles (19 km)

Wide Platform - The wide base platform is optimized for rider comfort

Rugged tires - Deep tread, ATV style tires traverse all sorts of terrain— confidently get where you’re going

Cargo Handles - Oversized cargo handles make for easy lifting and provide mounting points for accessories

*Actual range depends on riding style and terrain


Available Financing

We work closely with G Direct Finance & FinanceIt to provide affordable "lease-to-own" options. It's easier than ever to own a Segway® PT with payments starting at $197/month.*

Click the button below to get started on the application. 

*priced based on Segway® PT purchase on approved credit



Segway® PT i2 SE & Segway® PT x2 SE


Segway® PT Hard Cases by Givi® (Set of 2)

We’re proud to offer a hard case from Italian designers, GIVI. This sleek and functional case features a rugged outer shell and a lock to keep your personal items safe and protected from the elements.

Compatible with Gen II and SE models

Handlebar Bag

This spacious, versatile handlebar bag allows you to take along your wallet, smartphone, water bottle or whatever else you’d like*, on your glide. It easily attaches and detaches from the PT, so you have the option of taking it with you. It’s an absolute must have!

Compatible with Gen II and SE models

*Note: Do not exceed the PT handlebar's 10 lb cargo limit.



Universal Cargo Plates (Set of 2)

If you’d like to make the most of your PT’s cargo capacity, equip it with our largest and most versatile cargo plate. Use bungee cords and cargo nets to maximize its utility. This plate can be quickly installed on any i2, x2 or SE model and offers two practical configurations.

Compatible with Gen II and SE models


i2 Lower Cargo Frames (Set of 2)

These frames provide you the leverage you need to easily lift and move your PT. They can also accommodate lighting accessories, cargo or anything else you’d like to bring along for the ride.**

Compatible with Gen II and SE models

**Note: Be sure to not exceed the PT's maximum payload of 260 pounds (118kg).


Smartphone Holder with Articulating Mount

This mount smoothly articulates and accommodates cell phones and other small personal devices. Stay connected while on the move.


Tablet Holder with Articulating Mount

Use your tablet while on your PT. This mount accommodates a wide range of today's compact tablets. With Wi-Fi, you'll have access to your e-mail, apps, GPS and anything else you may need.

SEGWAYSegway® PT CityGo



Huge warehouse facilities require a lot of walking. The Segway CityGo is an innovative alternative to walking/cycling systems. Simply detach the CityGo from its docking station and reduce the time it takes to get to where you're going. This Personal Transport alternative is even being adapted to urban city centres to help reduce the amount of automobile traffic in densely populated areas.


*on approved credit based on TBD month lease